The new LinkedIn User Interface (UI) is here. Some people like it and some people don’t. Either way, looks like it’s here to stay. The update sports a brand new layout that is much more compatible with the app. With a freshHow set of colors, sleeker design and upgraded options, many people are left wondering what the changes to LinkedIn’s UI mean to them.

Here are some practical tips that can help you utilize the UI’s new features and how you can use them to improve your LinkedIn experience:

The Summary Section:

Gone are the days of an extended summary showcasing in detail your personal and professional accomplishments. With the new profile layout, this section is compacted, revealing only the first two lines of your paragraph before prompting the viewer to click if they want to “See More”. So, make those first two lines count! List your most important and impressive value proposition here. If you have room, begin an interesting new sentence that will compel your reader to open the rest and explore your summary.

No More Advanced Search:

For basic users, at least. If you want to do some heavy prospecting, research or networking within specific zip codes, then it would make sense to upgrade to Sales Navigator. But, there is still a way for the basic user to refine the dimensions of their search. Using the “Boolean search method” and filters to refine the boundaries of any searched name or term. These filters include:

Also note that the search box is now universal, meaning you can type in a keyword and get results for:

A Real-Time Chat

With this new feature, messaging on LinkedIn has never been easier. How does it help you? The real-time messaging (like the kind that is on Facebook, for example) allows for a more open and faster degree of communication with potential leads. The thread also includes “read receipts” which can be turned on/off at the user’s discretion. New messages show up immediately on the bottom right hand screen, allowing you to browse the site and carry conversation with potential clients seamlessly.

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A Higher Quality Background Image

If the LinkedIn UI update removed your previous background image, it’s because the dimension requirements have changed. The image is now fit to be 1536 x 768 pixels. Use this as an opportunity to upgrade your profile and choose a high-quality background image in-line with these new specs.

Multilingual Profiles

Take your knowledge of another language one step further. LinkedIn users now have the option of creating a secondary profile from a list of 43 different languages. General information is imported to the second page, but personal content must be translated as you build your profile. If you have a working proficiency of another language, utilize this feature. A multilingual account could help your page reach different markets and develop professional relationships with a more diverse amount of people.

New Section: Accomplishments

Although the content in this section may look familiar, this is a new feature of the UI update. Titled, Accomplishments, it houses the Organization, Projects, Courses, Publications, Certifications, Honors & Awards and Patents sections that were dispersed throughout the old LinkedIn layout. These sections are now condensed, and require the viewer to click “See More” to learn the content of each grouping.

Displayed Contact Information

Your contact info is now exposed in the sidebar of your profile. Because of this, you may want to update this section. Make sure each link is correct and that your URL is clean and easy to remember (something like: Include your LinkedIn, email, website and even business phone number. Shape this section so that getting into contact with you is as practical and easy as possible.

Learn more here about this and the many other changes that were made to LinkedIn. Use these tips to improve your profile with the features offered through the update and keep your account up to date as major changes are made in 2017!

Having some challenges with the new LinkedIn User Interface? Maybe you are not sure what to do with your LinkedIn connections or wondering how to create engaging content? To help answer these questions and more, I am hosting another FREE Webinar on Earn More with LinkedIn in 2017.

If you are not able to make it, register anyway, I will email you the recording which will be available for one week after the webinar.

This post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

By Julbert Abraham and Meghan Sowersby

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